Homeschooling 🍎

Our daughter Mila started Kindergarden this past September and we decided to have her homeschooled. The reasons we chose homeschooling was because the amount of children in each class room from 24 to 30. There is always that one kid that is interrupting the class and there are just so many different learning styles I think that is why certain children get left behind. We personally don’t think our children need to learn socialization through school. This is just our family’s opinion and I don’t judge other parents for how they made there decision for there children’s schooling it just works for our family and what we believe and have studied up on . I take Milas education very seriously and I know she can conquer anything. I just don’t think she needs any distractions when it comes to her education day she can freely use her learning style and go at her pase of learning with no pressure.

It also was a big decision on my end because I’m the one that chose to stay home Monday through Friday to be Mila’s learning coach and also my husband makes more money right now hahaha !!!! At first I was so nervous but we did our research and chose the school Connection Academy (TECCA). The school and the staff was more than supportive and had so much training to help me feel comfortable on taking on this big role. It was a rough start at first expecially everything being new for Mila and having to learn structure. Like, when it’s play time and when its class time . Also it was all so new for me. Teaching on its own, then having such a tight routine for Mila and on top of that having a new born baby and having the baby on her own schedule!!! What the hell was I thinking hahahahaha !!!!! It’s all for my kids! I just want the best for them and this is how I feel is right. So my mom job will always come first before anything know matter how hard it is for me!!! I am also going to school myself so fitting that in is so hard but I don’t want to forget who I am and want to build something for myself and my family. There is not enough time in the day to get everything done but somehow I try to figure it out . Routine and structure is key, it really helps day by day go smoothly instead of feeling lost and unorganized. Anyone else feel the same way ?

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Hello everyone!!! My name is Jennifer I am a mother to beautiful girls. I have been married almost 8 years to my best friend! I love my family so much and I love spending all my time with the. I am also going to school to get my bachelors degree in graphic design and animation. I love photography and being at the beach.

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