Mom Life

I would like to introduce my daughters a little since I will be talking about the 98 percent of the time. My first love of my life is Mila Ann she is 5 years old about to be 6 this spring. She has made me such a better person and makes me want to work so hard to give them everything. Mila is shy, cautious, kindhearted and very sensitive. My husband and I decided for me to homeschool her. ( I will be righting a blog on homeschooling soon!) We also have Mila in gymnastics and cheerleading and like to keep her busy and social in a different way other than going to public schools. She loves it and is thriving in both school and her athletics.

My Second love monster is Selene Rose. The reason I say Monster is because she is 100 percent different than Mila HAHAHA . Selena is very loving, a little dare devil and not afraid to try anything which is very scary especially when your first child was scared to do anything and still is. I did not have to worry about Mila at all and thats all I do with Selena. It really is so crazy on how different these two girls are. But We love it they are absolutely their own person and its great to watch them grow.

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