It’s been a little while

I haven’t wrote a post in awhile due to dealing with my anxiety. It came on out of nowhere. I started work and that Monday after it was like I was hit by a Mack truck ! I couldn’t hold Down food, I was in and out of the hospital, I had a panic attack and passed out in the hospital.

I was literally all over the place and I couldn’t figure out where the hell this all came from. I thought I was in a really good place and was finally on a good path! WRONG…. I honestly have not dealt with my moms passing I have just kept pushing it aside !! Now sitting here talking to my therapist I really realizing how much I actually do!

I’m a full time mom of two daughters, now a full time college student, learning coach to my oldest daughter ( now it’s summer vacation woo hoo). I’m a hairstylist on the weekend and I’m an owner of a health and wellness company called Arbonne. Some where in the middle of all that I’m a wife and my husband and I barely see or have time for each other with our crazy schedule. By the way tomorrow will be 15 years that we have been together it’s so crazy !!!

With trying to figure out how to really deal with my moms death which I feel it’s going to be incredibly hard because she was my whole life. Now figuring out how to give my family and I a life I never had and always wanted. I think that’s why I try to stay so busy I want to learn, I want to thrive, I want that life !!!!!

Writing this I can see how my anxiety has creeped up on me 😳 it’s A lot but I’m not going to give up. I am going to start over and I am going to figure it out . Anxiety and panic attacks are a real thing and not sure that a lot of people understand that or how to act toward it. Just know that everyone has a journey and a story and are going through things and just be kind and understanding. Some people can handle situations better than others and some people need the extra push and that is ok to.

For me this is not a set back it’s just part of my journey and how I come out of it is the victory and that is what I am focusing on !!! I’m back and ready to see what is next !!!!

Not a set back

Just part of my story

Published by themorels1419

Hello everyone!!! My name is Jennifer I am a mother to beautiful girls. I have been married almost 8 years to my best friend! I love my family so much and I love spending all my time with the. I am also going to school to get my bachelors degree in graphic design and animation. I love photography and being at the beach.

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